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11 June 2008 @ 10:00 pm
→ Intro Post ☆  


Jongwoonie → Her real name is Alejandra, but people call her Shimako or Dakei. She's a 17 years old student (05.25.91 - Gemini - Goat - O rh+) in his last year of school and wants to become a Dentist after that. She lives in Chile, Concepción and was born there also. Her favorite colors are green and pink, even if it don't seem like that. She speaks Spanish and English (well... at least is trying to speak English, so don't be mad if -Ishe makes a mistake plz ;o;), and is currently learning Korean (So she can go to Korea in a couple of years moar 8D). She loves to sing, compose songs & play the violin. She is not very good at sports, Chemistry and... Math?.
Oh, also! This is her Second (or Third??) account here in LJ, she was previously dakei.

Personality → She is VERY shy, but once she is familiar to someone , is a completely different person, funny, talkative, etc. She hates to be alone and also get mads at people she cares of very easily. Also, she's very lazy.

Random →

- She is very short :0 (151.8 cm).
- She wants to go to Korea and Japan.
- She believes in magic?
- She doesn't Like sweet things.
- She is open minded.
- When she makes eye-contact with anyone, she smiles.
- I tend to daydream... all the day.
- Most of the day, her cellphone is off.
- She doesn't like to sleep... but she likes to dream about her fandoms XD;;

Fandoms ♥ → Currently in love with Super Junior, DBSK, SS501, SHINee, FT Island, Epik High and Big Bang.
Also Alice Nine, Ayabie, An Cafe & more.


♥ Super Junior - Yesung, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook & Eunhyuk in that order.
♥ DBSK - Jaejoong & Changmin
♥ SS501 - Kyujong & Youngsaeng
♥ SHINee - Jonghyun & Key
♥ FT Island - Wonbin & Jaejin
♥ Epik High - Tablo
♥ BigBang - Seungri & Daesung
♥ Alice Nine - Hiroto & Tora
♥ Ayabie - Yumehito & Aoi
♥ An Cafe - Kanon & Takuya

Parings? → She have too much pairings in his little head LOL, but basically:

Everyone x Leeteuk
Everyone x Jonghyun
Everyone x Jaejoong
Everyone x Youngsaeng
Everyone x Jaejin
Everyone x Hiroto
Everyone x Yumehito

and a lot more.

Links & contact →

msn: yesung@ryuuto.net
mail: agitotsu@gmail.com
Graphics: Nyappyland
Rotation: Hwanghon
Last.fm: Dakei
Pupe: Dakei
Twitter: Yesung
Cyworld: Dakei

End → Thank you for reading <3


Rated as Ryeowook @ suju_rating

Rated as Kanon @ my_nyappyworld